12 Feb 2024

The Future of Quality Agreements. What's next after 2024?

The current period (2019-2024) of quality agreements will expire at the end of this year. Fortunately, the quality funds will be continued and structurally allocated from 2025 onwards, ensuring the quality of higher education is safeguarded and can continue to improve. However, there will be some changes compared to the past years. For instance, the system of external accountability to the NVAO (Dutch-Flemish Accreditation Organization) will disappear. Additionally, the involvement of (student) representation in determining the allocation of quality funds is not automatically guaranteed. From 2025 onwards, the only established right is the right to consent through the budget outlines. The right to provide input and be involved in the process is no longer guaranteed.

Given these changes, it is important to engage in discussions with the Executives Board. Naturally, you want to avoid the Executive Board making plans without involving the representation and presenting them at the last moment for approval. Therefore, it is crucial to arrange with the Executive Board that the representation is included earlier in the process of formulating the plans.

To support the (student) representation, the National Desk Quality Agreements has composed a short guide on this topic, which can be found on our site by clicking on 'Documents'. It includes detailed information and provides tips on strategically approaching this process. Are you a part of (student) representation? Check out this guide and feel free to email us at for all your questions and/or support needs.