13 Jul 2022

NVAO has started intermediate evaluation of the quality agreements

As established in the document "Investeren in onderwijskwaliteit, kwaliteitsafspraken 2019-2024", in 2022 an intermediate evaluation will take place to assess the progress of the quality agreements per institution.

The assessment will concern the realization of the plans up to and including calendar year 2021. NVAO uses the following 2 criteria for their assessment:

  1. The institution has made sufficient progress in achieving its intended plans, taking into account the efforts made and the handling of unforeseen circumstances.
  1. The student council and other relevant stakeholders are sufficiently being involved during the implementation of the plan.

Before the 1st of July 2022, institutions submitted their annual report for 2021, which included a reflection written by the student council. In this reflection, the student council sheds light on the realization of the plans up to and including 2021. This includes the extent to which they were informed and involved during the implementation process. NVAO's assessment is based on the annual report and this reflection.

If NVAO deems it necessary, an interview can take place in addition to the documents provided, as well as an institution visit by (part of) the panel that carried out the initial plan assessment. As such, most institutions will not receive an in-person visit this time.

If the NVAO's intermediate assessment is negative and this critique is corroborated by the ministry of Education, the institution is given a year to show sufficient progress. After, they can apply for reassessment, which will be based on reflections by the institution and the participation bodies.

If the progress is still deemed insufficient after this year, the increase in funds between 2023 and 2024 will be cut from the quality agreements. The money will remain available for educational improvement and innovation at the institution through the Comenius program for teacher initiatives.

Based on the provided information, the NVAO will also draw up a national picture of the implementation of the quality agreements up to and including 2021.