19 Jan 2024

New Tools for Student Participation

Are you a member of student participation? And would you like to know more about the quality agreements?

The National Desk Quality Agreements has developed a toolkit for all layers of student participation. The entire toolkit is available in both Dutch and English. The following tools are now available on the website:

  • Guidelines for EC's: for members of educational committees, there is a guide that briefly explains what the quality agreements are and what your committee can c
  • Overview of Participation Rights: For participation councils, both central and decentralized, a basic overview of your rights has been compiled. This includes information about your approval, advisory, and information rights, and how they relate to the quality agreements.
  • Checklist for reflection on annual Report: One of the most important rights of participation in the current system of quality agreements is the preparation of a reflection as an appendix to the annual report. To support you in this, the toolkit provides a checklist for this reflection.
  • Knowledge clip: for everyone involved in the monitoring and evaluation process of quality agreements, there is a knowledge clip available on how to effectively develop, monitor, and evaluate plans.

The documents are available on the website in the menu via 'Documents' or by clicking on the links above. You can find the knowledge clip on the website via 'Information' at the bottom of the page, or through the clickable link above.

If you have any questions, you can always contact the National Desk Quality Agreements via