19 May 2020

ISO publishes first national overview of the assessment of institution's plans

The Dutch National Student Association (ISO) publishes the first national overview of the assessment of institution's plans. They note that the participation councils have experienced the process very differently. ISO makes three recommendations to educational institutions.

(1) The ISO emphasizes the importance of knowledge transfers and development for effective monitoring. This is important to provide insight in the progress on the quality agreements, and to take informed decisions in collaboration with the (student) participation council.

(2) The ISO advises institutions that are working on a revised plan for the quality agreements to fully use the recovery year. This way, they can be thorough in meeting the assessment criteria and secure extra funding for 2022-2024.

(3) The ISO emphasizes to the Minister that the length of the assessment process influences the pace at which quality plans can be implemented. Therefore, the ISO requests timely action to prevent (financial) uncertainty for institutions.

Read the report at the ISO website (Dutch only)