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12 Feb 2024

The Future of Quality Agreements. What's next after 2024?

The current period (2019-2024) of quality agreements will expire at the end of this year. Fortunately, the quality funds will be continued and structurally allocated from 2025 onwards, ensuring the quality of higher education is safeguarded and can continue to improve. However, there will be some
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19 Jan 2024

New Tools for Student Participation

Are you a member of student participation? And would you like to know more about the quality agreements? The National Desk Quality Agreements has developed a toolkit for all layers of student participation. The entire toolkit i
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10 Aug 2022

QA investments extended, interpretation still unclear

Minister of Education Robbert Dijkgraaf is planning to continue the investments from the student loans from 2025 onwards. He communicated this to the Tweede Kamer in a policy letter on 17 June 2022. The roughly €625 million per year will be structurally allocated to institutions through funding,
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13 Jul 2022

NVAO has started intermediate evaluation of the quality agreements

As established in the document "Investeren in onderwijskwaliteit, kwaliteitsafspraken 2019-2024", in 2022 an intermediate evaluation will take place to assess the progress of the quality agreements per institution. The assessment will concern the realization of the plans up to and includ
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22 Feb 2021

Update plan assessments quality agreements

In September 2020, the results of the first plan assessment per institution were published on the website of the national government. Initially, 19 universities of applied sciences and 16 universities had received a positive assessment from the minister and thus an allocation of the student loan
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19 May 2020

ISO publishes first national overview of the assessment of institution's plans

The Dutch National Student Association (ISO) publishes the first national overview of the assessment of institution's plans. They note that the participation councils have experienced the process very differently. ISO makes three recommendations to educational institutions.
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